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Here, you can browse through new and retired patterns from a variety of sellers, check out the different styles, including not only purses, totes, and backpacks, but the coordinating accessories as well, get the nitty gritty regarding the must-attend annual outlet sale, and more!

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  • Find discount backpacks and backsacks in current styles as well as hard to find retired patterns. We have a large selection of the standard small size backpacks and backsacks, as well as both the large and travel backpacks.
  • Vera Bradley diaper bags are a must for any expecting mother. Find a great selection here, including the popular baby bag, at prices new parents can afford - even with all those diapers they are going to have to buy!
  • Would you like your Vera Bradley duffel bag with wheels or without? Find a great selection of both rolling and non-wheeled styles of duffel bags here, great for taking on vacation as well as every day trips to the gym and around town.
  • Vera Bradley luggage can be described as both feminine and functional. Whether you are looking for the perfect suitcase, or a coordinating garment bag or luggage tag, you're sure to find something to please and to make that trip away even more special.
  • Comparison shopping for purses and handbags has never been easier. From the cute little Katie bag to the roomy Villager, and everything in between, find the style you the fabric you the price you want!
  • Vera Bradley totes are both hardworking and good looking! They have so many uses - lugging papers to the office, carrying flip flops and towels to the beach, toting your toddler's toys and change of's hard to stop at just one!
  • Get great savings on a huge selection of favorite fabric patterns, including current, retired and new styles! If you don't see the color or pattern you are looking for in our list, try the search box at top...
  • One of the things that I personally love about Vera Bradley products is the fact that I can coordinate my wallet with my bag with my umbrella with my - well, the list goes on. Here you can find all those must-have accessories to complete your look.

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A Little About Me...

I have been a fan of Vera Bradley handbags for as long as I can remember. No surprise - you see, I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you are a diehard fan of these quilted purses, then you probably know that Fort Wayne is also home to this great product. The company was started here in Fort Wayne back in 1982, and has never left, recently building a large manufacturing facility just across the street from our local General Motors plant.

I always thought that the infatuation with Vera Bradley's products was just a local "thing". It wasn't until I was well into my twenties, and started traveling outside my state borders, that I realized that the rest of the planet loved the products as much as we do here in Fort Wayne.

One final thing - I am not affiliated with the Vera Bradley company (unless you count being one of their biggest fans as an affiliation!). Also, I don't actually sell anything here - I just help you hunt down the bargains. From personal experience, I have found that you can pick up some great deals on eBay, especially if you cannot attend the big outlet sale. If you have never jumped on the eBay bandwagon, I encourage you to give it a try. It's actually a lot of fun...

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