15th Annual Vera Bradley Classic Raises Money for Breast Cancer Research

As I am writing this, the 15th Annual Vera Bradley Classic is wrapping up.  The Classic is a three day event combining tennis exhibitions with 18- and 9-hole golf tournaments, all to raise money for breast cancer research.  Last year, the Classic brought in over one million dollars, and with a record number of participants this year (and fantastic weather), it's likely that the 2008 event will again raise more than one million dollars for breast cancer research.

I recently read that the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer has raised more than seven million dollars for this cause.  The Classic is just one way the company is raising money for breast cancer research.  They also donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of certain fabric patterns, as well as 100% of the proceeds from their annual outlet ticket sales. 

The Vera Bradley Foundation also raises funds by selling pink ribbons in their "Turn the Town Pink" event.  Currently, hundreds (if not thousands) of trees in downtown Fort Wayne have large pink ribbons tied around their trunks.  Each ribbon has the name of a person who has battled breast cancer.  It's really something to see - I plan to take some pictures to share with you, and I hopefully will post them soon...


  1. Sandy Wilson says:

    Wonder if Vera Bradley Corp. would do a bag with a GOLD ribbon in it for Childhood Cancer Awareness?! That would be awesome. Also, a bag with just pink & brown modeled after Java Blue except would be Java Pink!

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