A Candid Review of the Vera Bradley Hipster

I purchased the Vera Bradley Hipster at this year's outlet sale, and just within the past week or so, started using it.  Although my usual bag is a Villager (or one of the other similarly sized purses), I really loved the styling of the Hipster and thought I could handle downsizing.  Unfortunately, I ran into a few issues...

I still love the styling, and I have received a ton of compliments, even though I just started using it.  I think I counted four or five compliments just at the family Fourth of July party I attended this weekend!  After commenting on the bag, however, I have had a few people ask me what I think about it.  And as much as I hate to say anything bad about my favorite line of handbags, I did have a few complaints regarding this particular one.

My biggest complaint is that the bag is simply too narrow.  It is deep, which I like, but since it is so narrow, it's very difficult to get at anything that is at the bottom.  I am training myself to put my car keys in the outside pocket, because when I throw them inside the purse, it's a struggle to get them back out.

Another thing I don't like are the interior pockets.  It has two slip interior pockets on one side of the bag, and for some reason, I find I'm always catching my wallet or checkbook on the pockets.  Personally, I think they stick out too far into the interior of the bag, and that's causing the problem.  It happens so frequently, I just know I am going to end up tearing one of the pockets.  Aaargh!  I also wish that it had an interior zipper pocket.  Good thing it has one on the outside of the bag!

Besides the overall look of the Vera Bradley Hipster, there are a couple of things that I do like (not everything's negative!).  I like the two exterior pockets.  As I already mentioned, there's a good-sized one with a zipper, but just above that one, there's another slip pocket that goes the entire width of the bag, which I think is handy. 

I also like the strap.  It's adjustable, and I find that I like having the ability to change its length.  Sometimes I leave it long and sling the bag across my body.  Other times I shorten it up and carry it like a traditional handbag.  It all just depends on my mood.

As of fall 2008, the Hipster has been restyled.  I am guessing that a lot of the issues that I experienced with the older model have been addressed.  The new style has three interior slip pockets.  The company also describes it as having a "roomier interior".  The new style still has an adjustable strap, although the exterior pockets have been restyled.  There's now only one on the front of the bag, and it snaps shut.  The zippered exterior pocket has been relocated to the back of the bag.

So, that's my review.  Even though I had issues, I'm sure I will carry it around for several more months.  At some point, I will probably pick up the restyled version too. 

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  1. Nancy Bowen says:

    Does anyone have an idea of how I could replace a missing snap on a Bucket Tote that I just purchased at the Outlet sale this year. Thanks!

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