A Few More Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Updates

Hey everyone!  Well, I have been keeping an eye out for more news about the 2010 Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, and so far, there really hasn't been any announcements.  I'm not very good at waiting, so today I called the company to see if I could get any details...

First, I confirmed that the sale has been pushed back a day.  The new dates for the sale are indeed April 29 - May 1, 2010.

I crossed my fingers and asked if there would be a preview day.  They didn't have one last year, but in previous years, usually the first day of the sale was limited to ticketed customers.  Proceeds from the ticket sales were donated to the Vera Bradley Foundation.  I was hoping that was why they pushed back the date, so that they could use the 28th as a fundraiser for the Foundation.  I did not receive a positive yes or no.  Instead, I was told that it was "not likely".

Finally, I asked about registration requirements.  They do plan to do this again this year, but could not provide any specific details yet.  If I remember right, last year we didn't know about the registration requirements until mid-February, and the actual registration process didn't start taking place until mid-March.

That's all I have for now, but if I find out anything else, I will definitely share it here...

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