Check Out the Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Collection

The Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Collection is not due to hit the stores until January, but it's always fun to see what's coming! I really like the new styles - let's see if you do too!

QUICK UPDATE: Now that January is here, you can do more than just look - the beautiful new Vera Bradley Spring 2009 fabric patterns are now available to buy!

Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Collection

Cupcakes Green and Cupcakes Pink: Mmmmm...I love cupcakes! Go ahead and indulge, because these fat-free and calorie-free cupcake patterns in pink and green will look great with your spring and summer wardrobe!

Purple Punch: Is purple your favorite color? If it is, you are going to love this fabric pattern - I know I do! With varying shades of purple and green on a black background, Purple Punch is sure to be popular!

Hope Garden: This cheerful pattern features big, boldly colored flowers on a white background. It's sure to be a real head-turner!

I don't know about you, but I love 'em all!!! At least January is still a couple of months away - gives me some time to start saving up.

Which Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Fabric is your favorite? I'm still trying to decide - maybe the Purple Punch, but then again, it's so hard to pick just one!

Well, I can't sign off without including a poll - after you determine your fave, make sure you come back and vote! I promise to cast my ballot too, but I think I need to sleep on this one...

What's Your Favorite Spring 2009 Vera Bradley Pattern?

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  1. Interesting insight. Quilting is such fun. Thanks. Sarah Jane.

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