Discount Fabric Handbags Has a New Look!

Hi all!  If you are a repeat visitor, you probably noticed that Discount Fabric Handbags has an entirely different look!

I have been busy most of this weekend upgrading everything and installing a new template that I hope will prove to be more visitor friendly.  You can access both the shopping side (where you can find all the best Vera Bradley deals) and the blog side (where we like to chit chat about everything Vera Bradley - and then some) from the same screen.  Before, if you landed on the shopping side, there's a good chance you would have missed the blog, and vice versa...

The only problem that I encountered is with the polls widget plugin.  For some reason, it doesn't want to work in the sidebar, where I normally like to have it so it is easily accessible.  However, I think polls are a lot of fun and love having them on this site, so until I figure out a fix, polls can be found within the actual posts.  Find the current poll, which ends midnight July 31 and is entitled "Think Like a Vera Bradley Products Designer", here.

For me, it has a been a very busy weekend.  I am not much of a "techie", so any time I make major changes to a site, it probably takes me ten times longer the average webmaster.  In that regard, I am going to keep this post short and call it a night. However, I will be back to chit chit with you all very soon. :-)

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