Getting Ready for Summer with Vera Bradley Accessories

Hey everyone!  Has it really been more than a month since I last checked in?  Where does the time go!   Well, now that school is winding down and summer is finally here, I will hopefully check back in a little more often. Speaking of summer, I thought I would take a little time today to talk about some of my favorite summer Vera Bradley accessories...

Flip Flops: I have to admit that I have way too many Vera Bradley flip flops, but I love them all!  With most styles costing under $25.00, I consider them an affordable splurge!

Mini Cooler: Ick!  Have you every taken a swig of water from a bottle that has been sitting in a hot car for a couple of hours?  In my opinion, a Vera Bradley mini cooler is a must for these hot summer months.  When I'm leaving to run errands, I grab not only my water bottle, but an ice pack and my mini cooler as well.

Beach Towels: Much to my kids' dismay (both boys), I have a large collection of Vera Bradley beach towels.  They are nice and thick, and are great for not only drying off after a dip in the pool, but for wrapping around and warming up in when the air gets a little chilly.  Now they just need to make some prints my boys will like.  Do you think I will get anywhere with a suggestion for a Batman print?

Sunglasses: Another summer must-have are sunglasses.  I am amazed at the selection available from VB, and the quality is great too!

Sunglass Cases: To keep those sunglasses looking their best, a case is must.  Fortunately, there are many styles of sunglasses cases available.  I love to coordinate my accessories with my handbags, and Vera makes this very easy to do!

Totes: How can you go anywhere during the summer months without a tote or two, ready to go at a moment's notice?  Vera Bradley totes come in all shapes and sizes, making trips to the zoo, the pool, and out shopping easy on the shoulder.

Umbrellas: I keep a couple of Vera Bradley umbrellas stashed in my trunk for when those afternoon thunderstorms break loose.  Here in Indiana, the weather is very temperamental, and can change from one moment to the next!

Headbands: Vera Bradley headbands are adorable!  I love them - kinda like the flip flops, they're an affordable splurge.

Nail Kit: You never know when you're going to need to do a little touch up to your mani/pedis, especially during the summertime, when your fingers and toes are always hanging out.  Keep them looking their best with a coordinating nail kit, in colors to match your favorite spring and summer handbag patterns.

Little Hip Bag: New for summer 2010, the Vera Bradley Little Hip Bag is a must-have!  You can stash it in your tote, wear it over your shoulder, or even attach it to your belt.  It's great to take when browsing rummage sales or taking the kiddos out for ice cream.

Well, there's my list of favorite summer Vera Bradley accessories!  I'm sure I forgot something, but I will go ahead and wrap this up.  If you can think of anything else to add, just leave a comment below...

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