Outlet Sale Giveaway #2: A Vera Bradley Mailbag

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for the Vera Bradley Mailbag! Comments are now closed, and the winner has been selected.

I have another giveaway for all of you!  This time it's a Vera Bradley Mailbag in Hello Dahlia.  The Mailbag retails for $68.00, but I got it for $35.99 at the outlet sale (almost half off!).

This style is one of my favorites (I know, I say that about all of them, don't I!).  The front flap has a long zippered pocket and stays closed with magnets.  Under the flap, there's another zippered pocket.  Open it up to find slip pockets and four credit card sized slots.  The interior compartment has a zipper closure and three more slip pockets.  The strap is adjustable. Here is a picture...

This bag is roomy and the interior compartment is deep. It can be used for many versatile purposes.  If I return to the outlet sale this weekend, I plan to pick up a few more of this style for my nieces - I think these make the perfect book bags for school.  It could also be used as a tote for netbooks or smaller laptops, or even as a compact diaper bag.

Anyway, I think I have rambled on long enough!  You probably want to know how to enter to win it, don't you?  Here are the rules:


• Post a comment here, listing your favorite Vera Bradley handbag or tote style.
• Make sure your e-mail is entered correctly in the form in case you win.
• Privacy is protected, and e-mails are only used to work out the details for mailing the winner the item won during this giveaway
• Duplicate entries will be removed. One entry per person please.
• Your chance to enter this giveaway ends on Friday, April 15, 2011, at 10:00 p.m. EST.
• Only open to residents of USA.
• The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
• The winner will be announced on Saturday. Good luck!

UPDATE ON 4/16/2011

Thanks to everyone for entering this giveaway - can you believe that we had 89 qualified entries!!  Well, I'm posting this a little later than I wanted to, but I finally have the winner.  Drumroll please...

As you can see, the winner of the Vera Bradley Mailbag is #65 - Barbara S.  Her favorite bag is the Pleated Tote.  Congrats, Barbara!  I will be sending you an e-mail to work out mailing arrangements.  Thanks again to everyone who entered!


  1. Judy Ingle - 1 says:

    The Super Tote in Java Blue is one of my favorites! I went to the outlet sale for the first time yesterday and had a BLAST!! It was so much fun and I found some great deals!

  2. Christina G - 2 says:

    My favorite tote is a Get Carried Away Tote… still don’t own one but I drool every time I see one.

  3. Barbara G. - 3 says:

    My favorite is the bowler bag and the pattern I wanted, but couldn’t buy was Hello Dahlia!

  4. I love the hipster!

  5. Jean - 5 says:

    The Miller bag is just the right size and shape for all that I lug with me to work.

  6. Leigh - 6 says:

    Hipster! It’s perfect for on-the-go

  7. Lori - 7 says:

    Love the tote and Vera. Would like to eventually get the super tote!

  8. Sarah - 8 says:

    I agree with hipster!! It was first Vera purchase. I love it!
    The Weekender was my latest purchase and it’s great for getaways, fits lots of stuff. :)

  9. I recently purchased a hipster for when I study abroad this summer i prefer to mini hipster!

    i also LOVE the Morgan, needless to say I’m very sad it was retired.

    I would love a Vera for classes next fall because they’d be perfect for walking around campus!

  10. Jennifer - 10 says:

    I loved the Tie Tote.

    My new favorite is the Villager – can fit everything, straps are long enough to go easily over the shoulder and it zips at the top so nothing falls out! :)

  11. Kelly - 11 says:

    Most definitely the large hobo!

  12. Ally - 12 says:

    In love with the vera!!

  13. Ellen - 13 says:

    My favorite is the large backpack!! Perfect for carrying all of the essentials for my three kids and is completely hands free! Love it!

  14. cathy devisser - 14 says:

    love the bucket tote lots of pockets for your stuff also love the hipsers god bless this sale had a great time at the sale .

  15. Lynne H - 15 says:

    I love the Villager! It’s so versatile.

  16. Andrea Williams - 16(a) says:

    Love Simply Violet!!!!
    What an awesome site. Thanks for the deals and info!

  17. Andrea Williams - 16(b) says:

    Totally for got the super tote part of my simply violet.

  18. Debbie - 17 says:

    I got one last year in Cup-Cake green and love it. great to travel with.

  19. Claire - 18 says:

    In love with the villager right now!!!

  20. Adrienne - 19 says:

    My favorite is the Vera and has been since the early 90s! :) I have had several patterns and I am excited for my Mom to send me the Paprika one she bought me last night! :)

  21. Julie P - 20 says:

    Miller Bag in Yellow Bird! Classic on the outside, sunny fun on the inside.
    Love your website! Thanks for all your info and tips!

  22. Michelle Miarer - 21 says:

    I love the mini crossbody in navy. What a great purse! Went to my first VB OUTLET SALE and I am so surprised with how nicely the show was organized. I had heard horror stories about long lines from past years. Did not experience that at all. Great time!

  23. Stephanie - 22 says:

    hmm..going to go with the get carried away, but I love them all!

  24. Maureen - 23 says:

    I like the TOTE. The original tote.

  25. Courtney - 24 says:

    Vera or Morgan

  26. Jill Garst - 25 says:

    Love the hipster and the cargo sling

  27. Shelley - 26 says:

    I love the hipster!

  28. Bonnie - 27 says:

    Super tote in imperial toile and a close second is the mini hipster to keep inside super tote to use as a wallet

  29. Kim - 28 says:

    Tote Bag

  30. Jill - 29 says:

    Bucket Tote

  31. Tiffany - 30 says:

    Love me some Vera style bags you can fit your whole world into those picked u a couple today @ #vbos!!!

  32. Karen - 31 says:

    My two favorites are the bucket tote and the mailbag! Can’t wait to go to the Sale this weekend!! :-)

  33. Vicki Manuwal - 32 says:

    I love my small and large duffles in cupcake green…

    I also love my baby bag from many years ago in black microfiber…..Since my little one is 4, I now use it everyday as a work bag.

  34. Tracy - 33 says:

    I love all Vera, but am excited to get either a Miller or a Super Tote at the sale this year.

  35. LorieR - 34 says:

    Love the hipster and zip top tote.

  36. Michele - 35 says:

    My fave, hmmmm depends on what I am using it for. The tote is great for lots of things but I am not as crazy about it as a purse. I bought a baby bag at the sale a few years ago when I couldnt find a large enough bag for travel etc and I use it for the gym. I love the ditty bag for my wet swimsuit. And the clutch wallet is amazing. As far as purses I seem to like the microfiber/nylon most days!

    I love Vera!

  37. Michele Jefferson - 36 says:

    My favorite Vera bag had got to be the Side By Side! I picked up another one today at the sale!!

  38. Shelby - 37 says:

    the messenger bag. Too bad they discontinued it!

  39. Rhonda - 38 says:

    I love to quilt and use the hanging organizer as a great tool to store all of my sewing supplies when I take classes. The clear plastic lining is great because I can find things quickly. I love Blue Rhapsody and Java Blue.

  40. My favorite bag is the Pleated Tote. I can fit so much stuff it!

  41. Val - 40 says:

    I like the Stephanie.

  42. Joyce - 41 says:

    I liked the bucket tote and was disappointed it was retired.
    Now I love the bowler, but think I would like on the go, but don’t own one.

  43. Judy - 42 says:

    I love the hipster.

  44. Patty - 43 says:

    I LOVE the Vera Bag!!! I have 6 of them and I want 6 more, I can’t get enough!!! I would love to try the mailbag.

  45. Linda M - 44 says:

    Frannie is my favorite with the bucket tote following close behind.

  46. Callie - 45 says:

    probably the hipster but I really want to purchase a Vera soon for school!

  47. Vicki - 46 says:

    Bowler is my favorite!

  48. Phyllis - 47 says:

    OMG I have so many favorites! I would have to say I love the Super Tote!

  49. Sharon Hutko - 48 says:

    I heart the super tote in purple punch :)

  50. Becca - 49 says:

    Pleated tote is my fave. Just got to Fort Wayne. I’m a first timer and so excited for tomorrow.

  51. MaryAnn - 50 says:

    The Pleated Tote is my favorite — lots of room and great for travel but it fits nicely under your arm.

  52. Beth in the Heartland - 51 says:

    The Pleated Tote is my fav!! Thanks for the giveaway

  53. Judy Welch - 52 says:

    I love the angle tote. Enough room for everything!

    Headed to the outlet sale for the first time. Its an 8.5 hour drive from where I live here in NY, but I know it will be worth the trip.

  54. Serita - 53 says:

    Stephanie – has lots of room!

  55. Kenda - 54 says:

    I love the hipster. I am hoping to get it in cupcake green at the vbos this year. Leaving in a few hours.

  56. Melody - 55 says:

    My favorite has to be a tie between the Hipster and the Large Duffel. Both of these bags hold 10X’s the amount of stuff that you think they would just by looking at them.

    The sale last night was sooo much fun. I can not imagine the lines and chaos this morning when it opens free to the public.

    Happy Shopping everyone!

  57. Diane - 56 says:

    Hipster! Love the cross body style. Going to the sale on Sunday – hope there are still plenty of things left!

  58. Tai - 57 says:

    My favorite styles that I own are the bangle wristlet and the clutch wallet. I also really love the laptop backpack for airport travel, and I hope to get one at the sale today! Baroque is my favorite in the current line.

  59. Allie - 58 says:

    I love the mailbag and hipster!

  60. Lisa D - 59 says:

    My favorite and most used is the hipster but I love the Alice!

  61. Renee - 60(a) says:

    My alltime favorite bag is the Cargo Sling in Java Blue, they arent making this bag anymore so I have to look for those that still have some put aways somewhere.. This is my second year heading to the sale Saturday EARLY!

  62. Renee - 60(b) says:

    Correction to my email in case I WIN.

    My alltime favorite bag is the Cargo Sling in Java Blue, they arent making this bag anymore so I have to look for those that still have some put aways somewhere.. This is my second year heading to the sale Saturday EARLY!

  63. Heidi - 61 says:

    I love the bowler!!! It keeps everything so organized!!!

  64. I love the large duffel – perfect for weekend getaways to the cottage! I also get a lot of use from my Vera!

  65. trisha geyman - 63 says:

    I really like the Alice

  66. lisab - 64 says:

    I like the totes. I think they are great for everything….as a purse or just carrying those extra things around. I even put my hipster in it so when I need to run somewhere quick than I just grab it out of the tote.

  67. Barbara S - 65 says:

    I absolutely love the Pleated Tote–looks more like a purse, functions as a tote for carrying my teacher stuff around, very roomy and has great organizational features!

  68. Shanna - 66 says:

    The Gabby is my favorite handbag…perfect size and lots of pockets inside and out. Love it!

  69. TinaB - 67 says:

    I love the Saddle Up. Can’t wait to get to the sale and get one!!

  70. Jean - 68 says:

    My favorite is the hipster!

  71. Regina Caupp - 69 says:

    I’m loving the beach tote right now! =-)

  72. Beth - 70 says:

    I love the pleated tote! (I really love them all:)

  73. Ariel - 71 says:

    I love the Alice! So many, many pockets and compartments!

  74. Brenda King - 72 says:

    i love the bookbag in Mod Floral Pink. It never gets dirty. Love,love,love

  75. Tiffany King - 73 says:

    I love my carnaby large duffle. I use it every week for my job. I always get compliments on it.

  76. Dixie - 74 says:

    I can’t choose. I love my yellow bird cargo sling and my peacock one.

  77. Michelle S - 75 says:

    I honestly love so many but if I had to pick a favorite it’s my super totes. I have 2 and use them both all the time.

  78. Kellie - 76 says:

    I love the Betsy and picked up a hipster after seeing everyone in line wearing one. I was so happy to find Blue Lagoon at the sale.

  79. Sara - 77 says:

    I love my mini-hipster! A great little bag to take with me shopping and I tend to use it all the time!

  80. Stacey H - 78 says:

    Love the hipster! Favorite patter is the Carnaby!

  81. Amy Perry - 79 says:

    I have the mailbag in Cupcakes Pink and love it! I paired it with the pleated tote last summer on vacation and it made a great diaper bag! Had enough room to keep the whole family’s necessities organized!

  82. Rhonda - 80 says:

    Definitely the “On The Go” bag–it’s the perfect size for my needs.

    Not too big; Not too small & I LOVE the long adjustable shoulder strap

  83. Melissa Ludwig - 81 says:

    On the go is the fave here!~

  84. Norma - 82 says:

    I really like my new Angel in Purple Punch, and also the A+ tote in Baroque. Love to get the matching wallets, eye case, etc too. Had fun at the sale on Wednesday and hoping to go back on Saturday with my daughter as she will be coming home from college. Enjoy your site too and the updates!!!

  85. Lynette - 83 says:

    I really like the mini hipster and also the backpacks for traveling! I like Caffe Latte and also purple punch.

  86. ~Shawn~ - 84 says:

    The hipster is my favorite. Cant wait to get a new one. Were going to the sale tomorrow morning. Im soooo excited!!

  87. Holly - 85 says:

    I love my Hipster in Symphony in Hue! Bought it a year and a half ago and use it every day! Going to buy a new one at the sale tomorrow, first time there!

  88. Debbie - 86 says:

    The Vera Tote Bag of course! Pink Pansy is the most beautiful! :-)

  89. Hillary - 87 says:

    I absolutely love the large hobo and the mailbag! My top patterns right now are Baroque, Watercolor, Totally Turq and Sittin in a Tree. Love this blog always so much info about the outlet sale! You are the best to post all that by the way I wouldn’t be able to do it!

  90. crystal gibson - 88 says:

    My favorite….The Hipster!!!!

  91. Melissa Brush - 89 says:

    My Favorite is the Stephanie…loving all the pockets. There are WAY to many colors that I love, but my very fav color cafe latte.