Imperial Toile, Paprika, Symphony in Hue…and Other Vera Bradley Sneak Peeks for Fall

In case you missed it, Vera Bradley has their new Winter 2009 colors posted on their Facebook page.  They are not in stores yet, but my guess is that it shouldn't be too long before these are available (possibly September?).  I actually like all three, and I definitely can't wait to see them in person!

Here are some pics of the new patterns...

Vera Bradley Imperial Toile

Imperial Toile

Vera Bradley Paprika


Vera Bradley Symphony in Hue

Symphony in Hue

As much as I love these, I'm even more excited to see the new specialty collections...  

First, Vera Bradley is bringing back the nylon line, and all I can say is wow!  While their previous nylon bags were bright and youthful, the new colors (Black Caviar and Deep Wine) are more sophisticated.  I can't wait until they are available!

They are also introducing a new canvas line that will undoubtedly be very popular.  These are quilted (just like their other bags) and are very pretty.  They are perfect for fall with neutral creams and browns.  Who knew canvas could be so stylish!

Finally, the microfiber line is back in shades of black and espresso.  For the past year or two, contrasting stitching has been the "in" thing with these styles.  However, just like the tote bag I'm giving away, the new styles are going with coordinating quilted stitching.  Contrasting or coordinating?  Some people have a preference, but personally, I think they look great either way.

Well, I guess that about wraps it up.  As you can see, in addition to the new Vera Bradley Imperial Toile, Paprika, and Symphony in Hue, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming months.  I have already started a long Christmas wish list to give to my husband!

One more thing, before you go, let me know what you think of the new Winter 2009 patterns...


  1. Christina says:

    I like the Imperial Toile. I’m not certain about Paprika… I don’t really like it but stuff tends to grow on me. Symphony in Hue is NMS at all. I don’t like muted colors at all.

  2. I looove the Imperial Toile! I think I need to see the other colors in person before I make a call. The samples look a little odd to me, but it’s probably just because it’s not on a bag. =)

  3. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if these patterns were also available in FRILL with the inside pattern on the outside? Have you heard any news on this?

  4. Cute Handbags says:

    I love the paprika! September’s too far.. :-(

  5. These patterns are arriving at Vera Bradley in Southlake either today or tomorrow! And the symphony in hue one is muchhhh brighter than this picture shows. it’s sooo adorable.

  6. I finally saw the patterns in person yesterday. I was very disappointed by Imperial Toile. It isn’t black and white like it looks in EVERY! picture I’ve seen of it but a medium mud brown. Ick. Paprika is much better in person but I still don’t see it for me. Symphony in Hue is much much much better in person. Very bright colors, not muted at all, almost too much color. It’s the only one I would buy out of this batch of patterns though.

  7. Hi Christina,

    I just saw them this week too, and I have to say I agree with you. I’m disappointed that the Imperial Toile is not actually black and white. If they had made the brown more milk chocolate-colored, I think I would like it better. I really liked the Symphony in Hue when I saw it in person. The pinks in the pattern really popped out at me, something I didn’t notice from the pictures…

  8. I noticed that in the email I got from VB today they did a MUCH better job of showing that Imperial Toile is brown and they described each color too. I think there must have been returns and/or complaints.

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