Looking for a Diaper Backpack?

As many of you know, Vera Bradley does not make a diaper backpack.  Sure, they have the baby bag - and if you are lucky enough to own one, then you know it's loaded with lots of space and pockets, both of which are must-have necessities for every new parent. 

However, I know many people that pass on it because they really want a diaper bag backpack.  For anyone who has ever had to lug around a fifteen pound baby in a carrier car seat, it's no secret why this style is proving to be very popular with the new mommy (and daddy) crowd.  With little ones, you need an extra set of arms.  Of course, we were born with only two, and that's the way it stays (even when we really need more)!  So, if you can throw your bag behind your back and forget about it until you need it, well, that's one less worry.  And that is just one of the many reasons that more expecting and new parents are favoring diaper backpacks over the traditional styles. 

Unfortunately, Vera Bradley does not make one (at least not yet), but that doesn't mean you should rule out its line of regular backpacks.  I was fortunate enough to have one after the birth of my second child, and trust me, I put it to good use!  Just because it doesn't say "baby" or "diaper" in its name, doesn't mean that you can't use it for that purpose.  It probably goes without saying that Vera Bradley bags are great because of their ability to do double duty, and this is just one more example. 

Anyway, I threw my box of wipes on the bottom.  Diapers were stacked on top of those, and then I had all the other goodies - an extra set of clothes, a warm blankie, a changing pad, a few small toys, and sometimes even my baby carrier.  You would be amazed at everything you can fit inside one of the Vera Bradley backpacks.  Not only that, they're cute - if you have to sling something across your back, then it helps if it looks good! 

Of course, my husband was never too keen on carrying it around (I guess Vera Bradley backpacks just aren't manly enough, teehee!).  You would think this is a bad thing, but it really worked out in my favor.  I never heard any arguments when I told him, "Hey hon, I'll let you grab the little guy, and I'll go ahead and carry the diaper bag!".  Both of my sons topped the height and weight charts during their first year, so this was definitely to my advantage.

Anyway, if you are looking for a diaper backpack, first of all congratulations - that must mean you have a new little someone in your life (or you will very soon)!  Second, make sure you check out the Vera Bradley backpacks - I think you will be pleasantly surprised...


  1. I have the Vera large backpack in the pink elephant pattern – just got it recently when it went to 50% off as a retired pattern – and I use it as a diaper bag. I love it. It has a lot of room and the large backpack has a flapped compartment on the front that my changing pad fits perfectly in, it’s like that space was made for it. Then I keep my diapers and wipes in the zippered pocket in the back and the rest of the goodies in the main compartment: a change of clothes for the little one, a small bag full of essentials like tylenol, sunscreen, etc. a big ziplock of snacks and juice boxes, my wallet (the big zippered one with the wrist strap) and a small cosmetic bag with my essentials tylenol, lipgloss, fingernail clippers, chewing gum, mints, etc. There is also an inside pocket which I keep my cell phone in so I can quickly access it. I use the little mountain climbing clips, whatever they are officially called, to clip my keys to the strap so when I have it on my back and the little one on my hip, I can just reach the strap and push the button to unlock the car without having to put either down. It’s awesome and works really well for me.

  2. Hi Jean,

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that thinks Vera Bradley backpacks make great diaper bags. :-) The pink elephants is sooo cute too! I loved your idea using the clip for keys. Such a simple idea – I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! I always threw my keys in a pocket, and then had to remember to pull them out while my little guy was still in his stroller or in the shopping cart. And when I did forget – well, it could be quite a balancing act! Even though he’s three now, I think it would still come in handy. I’m going to pick one up the next time I’m at the store – thanks for the great idea!

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