Lovin’ the New Vera Bradley Fall 2009 Patterns!

The new Vera Bradley Fall 2009 patterns will be available in the next few days!

(UPDATE on 6/26/09:  Good news - as promised, the new patterns are now out!)

The names of the new signature colors are Blue Rhapsody, Carnaby and Pirouette. Of course, you probably want to know more than just the names, so here is a picture of the three new colors...

Vera Bradley Fall 2009 Patterns

Blue Rhapsody

The first pattern in the picture is the Vera Bradley Blue Rhapsody.  Nothing says "Vera" like a pretty paisley and floral print, and this signature cotton fabric pattern is no exception.  In pretty shades of teal green and soft blue on a navy blue background, a tote bag or purse in this pattern will be the perfect accessory for those cool autumn days.  Think how great it will looked paired with a warm teal colored sweater and a pair of navy blue Dockers, or even a sky blue henley and comfy pair of jeans.  Can you tell I am already planning on adding this one to my ever growing collection!


Next is the Vera Bradley Carnaby.  I love the Puccini print, so it's no surprise that I also absolutely adore this one!  In rich shades of red and brown, I know without a doubt this new fall pattern is going to be one of my favorites!  I'm also anxious to find out if I can mix and match the Puccini bags and accessories that I already have with the Carnaby print.  Hope so!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


The last tote bag shown in the picture is the Vera Bradley Pirouette.  This classic pattern features shades of red, gold and white on a jet black background.  This fabric reminds me of the Classic Black pattern that was retired in 2008, but in place of the medallions, it features an eye-catching floral print.  I already have a few bags in the Classic Black pattern, so I am not sure if I will be getting one of these.  I will have to wait until I see it in person.

Anyway, that wraps up the Vera Bradley Fall 2009 patterns.  If none of these really catch your eye, there are a few other colors that will be released later in the year.  I have not come across pictures of any of them yet, but here are their names - Paprika, Symphony in Hue, and Imperial Toile.  As soon as I can, I will also post their pictures.

One more thing, let me know what you think!  I (almost) wish I didn't like any of them.  I think I need to join a ten step program to cure me of my Vera Bradley addiction!  Does anyone know of one?  LOL!


  1. when will these be released?! i want to get carnaby in a vera for school as soon as possible! (:

  2. Hi TK,

    I hear they will be available in the next week or so – can’t wait!

  3. me either, thanks for the info (:

  4. Dawn Dawn Dawn….I am so glad you enjoyed my post even though you were the opposite audience, hehe! I only have a dislike for them due to trauma and the pressures of high school and then the pressures of fashion in California. I hate to admit, but some of these bags really are pretty cute and I’m glad you have a site dedicated to finding them at a lower price for everyone. Thank you so much for reading and keep doing what you’re doing as well. Your site rocks!

  5. I love the new color carnaby. It is so cool! It remindes me of mod floral blue.So I can honestly say I agree with Dawn on this color. It’s so bright and pretty. Oh, and Anne, there is also fashion is Ohio. We always need to looking our best. I even know this at 12 years old. I am a big vera bradley fan. I am going to the spring outlet sale in Fort Wayne next year and I am hoping I get some mod floral pink and cupcake pink and bali gold because yellow is my favorite color. So Im excited……Are you?

  6. Oh , ad another thing, the sale is also cool because during that sale I will be taken out of school to go to it. That is how important it is to my family.
    Hope to see you guys at the outlet sale. Bye Bye!

  7. /////(‘_’)\\\\\ I love carnaby!

  8. T, Tomak says:

    y are the new vera bradley bags now made in CHINA ? We want usa made bags . Jobs are wanted, here with GOOD PAY.


  9. i went to my local vera bradly retailer and they thought the new patterns wouldn’t be out until august! is this true?

  10. @ Anna – Thanks for coming by – and for the kind words!

    @ Olivia – I love your enthusiasm. You are a lucky girl if you get to miss school to come to the sale. You will have to do something extra nice to thank your mom! ;-)

    @ T. Tomak – I agree with you wholeheartedly. Not everything is made in China though. They are still manufacturing bags here in the U.S. – I live in Fort Wayne, and they have a couple of manufacturing facilities here.

    @ TK – I just talked to my local store, and they received a shipment of the new patterns today (Monday) – yay! They are probably one of the first stores to receive them because they are in Fort Wayne (where the Vera Bradley company is located). However, I would guess that other retailers should be receiving them soon too…

  11. Thanks for all the great help Dawn! I really appreciate it…considering you live in Fort Wayne I’m not surprised that your stores are the first to recieve them…Hopefully mine will get them in soon too! I just can’t wait any longer (:

  12. Hey everyone, just wanted to get the word out that the new fall colors are now available on the Vera Bradley website: http://www.verabradley.com/

  13. Savannah says:

    I have the bookbag in Blue rhapsody, I don’t normally like Vera Bradley, I’m more of a Juicy or Dooney and Bourke, or Coach girl, but this bag was so incredibly adorable I just had to have it. And I LOVE it. It’s probably one of the greatest bags ever!


  15. I love the new patterns!!!

  16. i have the blue peacock purse backpack and the pin wheel pink backpack . i just wanted to say that i am in love with the patterns in fact i am actually going to the store today to get a new bag. i cant wait .


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