Imperial Toile, Paprika, Symphony in Hue…and Other Vera Bradley Sneak Peeks for Fall

In case you missed it, Vera Bradley has their new Winter 2009 colors posted on their Facebook page.  They are not in stores yet, but my guess is that it shouldn't be too long before these are available (possibly September?).  I actually like all three, and I definitely can't wait to see them in person!

Here are some pics of the new patterns...

Vera Bradley Imperial Toile

Imperial Toile

Vera Bradley Paprika


Vera Bradley Symphony in Hue

Symphony in Hue

As much as I love these, I'm even more excited to see the new specialty collections...   [Read more...]

Vera Bradley Microfiber Tote Giveaway!

The Vera Bradley Microfiber Tote giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who entered!  Make sure you check back in soon for your next chance to win...

This is one of the best giveaways yet! This time I have a beautiful Vera Bradley Microfiber City Tote to give to one of my lucky visitors...

Vera Bradley Microfiber Tote Bag Giveaway

I love this bag! More than once, I have had to resist the temptation to tear the price tag off and to declare it "MINE!". It is so pretty. However, I purchased it with the intention of giving it away, and so, that's what I'm going to do!

Before we go into the giveaway details, I will tell you a little bit about it...

* This tote is a beautiful limited edition style from the black microfiber collection. Although the style is now retired, it will never go out of style.

* It features double quilted stitching. Many of the microfiber bags feature contrasting stitching, but this one has coordinating black stitching.

* It has eye-catching chrome-colored rivet and buckle details. Very classy looking!

* Pockets? Of course! It has a large slip pocket on the front exterior of the tote. Inside, there are two smaller slip pockets, as well as one large zippered pocket.

* Although it's a "tote", the main compartment does have a zipper closure, and the overall styling is more like a purse.

* The suggested retail price is $90.00.

Now, for the giveaway details: [Read more...]

New Vera Bradley Frill Collection Turning Things Inside Out!

I am soooo in love with the Vera Bradley Frill collection!  If you have not seen these new fall 2009 styles yet, you can see a few pictures below...

First up is the SOI (So Over It) tote in Pirouette. If you remember, I said that I would probably not be buying anything this fall in this pattern. Ummm, I lied. There is no way that I will be able to resist this adorable tote. I love plaid, and I love this bag. Everything about it. Absolutely everything!

Vera Bradley SOI in Pirouette

How cute is the wallet below! This is the new G2G (Got to Go) wallet in the Carnaby print. I want one. No, I want three! Of course, I will have no money to put into it. You thought I was kidding about having to join a ten step program to cure me of my Vera Bradley addiction, but if they keep adding new items like this, I'm going to have some real problems!

Vera Bradley GTG Wallet in Carnaby

Finally, check out the YTB (You're the Best) handbag in Blue Rhapsody. Don't you just love it! You can wear it over your shoulder, or take off the removable strap, and carry it in your hand. I can't wait to see this in person!

Vera Bradley YTB Handbag in Blue Rhapsody
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The Surprisingly Spacious Vera Bradley Stephanie

At 14” x 9½”, I knew the new Vera Bradley Stephanie was a good-sized handbag.  However, I didn't realize just how much it could hold until I saw it in person.  It expands up to six inches wide.   When you consider that the average width of most handbags is four inches, the additional two that this one provides really does make a big difference.

The spacious Vera Bradley Stephanie is also really cute!  A couple of the new fall 2009 bags are now featuring chrome-colored O-ring details.  This bag is one of them, with the rings on each side stylishly connecting the double straps of this purse to its body.  [Read more...]

I Saw the Vera Bradley Saddle Up Bag – On…

I had heard rumors that QVC was adding my favorite handbag line to its product lineup.  However, I was recently surprised to find the new Vera Bradley Saddle Up bag on their website...

Why the surprise?  Well, I guess I just assumed that they would be carrying overstocks or discontinued items.  However, the Saddle Up bag is new for the fall 2009 season, and there it was, available on the mega-shopping channel's website, in fall's new colors of Blue Rhapsody, Carnaby and Pirouette.  At the time I saw it on their site, it was selling for about $6.00 less than the suggested retail price of $65.00.   [Read more...]

What Do You Think About the New Vera Bradley Pleated Tote?

I'm just curious what others think of the new Vera Bradley Pleated Tote.  Of the new fall 2009 styles, this is THE bag for me.  I love it!  However, I have to confess I always go for the larger bags - and at 14¾” x 14” x 5¼”, this one is big.  One of these days I will probably get a lecture from my chiropractor, but as a mother, there are just too many things that I can't leave home without!  I can fit everything I need (and want!) to carry in this bag.

However, in addition to its size, there are a few other reasons why this tote receives my vote for the best bag of 2009: [Read more...]

Lovin’ the New Vera Bradley Fall 2009 Patterns!

The new Vera Bradley Fall 2009 patterns will be available in the next few days!

(UPDATE on 6/26/09:  Good news - as promised, the new patterns are now out!)

The names of the new signature colors are Blue Rhapsody, Carnaby and Pirouette. Of course, you probably want to know more than just the names, so here is a picture of the three new colors...

Vera Bradley Fall 2009 Patterns

[Read more...]

Vera Bradley Bali Blue, Bali Gold, and Calypso

The new summer 2009 patterns, Vera Bradley Bali Blue, Bali Gold, and Calypso, have been out for about a month or so now. 

Hopefully, you have had a chance to see them in person.  If not, I have included some pics below so that you can check them out.

I'm still debating which of the three is my favorite. Do you know yours? If so, make sure you participate in our poll that is included below the pictures...

And here's the poll...

Which Vera Bradley Summer 2009 Fabric Pattern is Your Favorite?

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It's so hard to pick a favorite, isn't it!

I like the overall look of Calypso. Nautical navy blue and crisp white looks great together, and it's a perfect color combination for not only summer, but really any time of the year.

However, I also really love the Bali Blue and Bali Gold fabric patterns.  Both feature a pretty tropical print of orchids and palm leaves.  The blue features cooler hues of ocean blue, with accents of white, green and brown.  The gold pattern, on the other hand, is in warmer tones of pink and plum on a sunny yellow background.

Vera Bradley Super Tote on Brothers and Sisters

Vera Bradley Super Tote Cupcakes GreenI am a few months behind on this one, but did anyone else see Sarah looking at the Vera Bradley Super Tote in Cupcakes Green on Brothers and Sisters when she was shopping for a baby shower gift for Kitty?

I don't watch much television, but there are a few that I allow myself the guilty pleasure to watch.  However, I always record everything on our DVR (similar to a TIVO), so that I can skip through the commercials.  Anyway, I have several episodes of Brothers and Sisters recorded, and I'm just finally now getting around to watching them. [Read more...]

Vera Bradley Messenger Bag Giveaway!

The Vera Bradley Messenger Bag giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who entered!  I will be giving away even more great products here, so make sure you check back in...

It's time for another giveaway!  This time I am giving away a brand new Vera Bradley Messenger Bag in Mod Floral Blue.  The details regarding how to enter this giveaway can be found below.

Messenger bags are one of the most versatile styles on the planet!  I think that's why I love them so much.  I purchased my first one to carry back and forth to work.  At first, I thought I would just be stuffing paperwork in it, but I soon found I was using it for much more than that - water bottles, snacks, change of clothes, and other odds and ends.  It could carry practically everything, and I definitely put mine to good use!

Anyway, here's a picture of the one that you can enter to win...

Vera Bradley Messenger Bag

This giveaway is very simple to enter... [Read more...]