Redesigned Vera Bradley Tote – For Better or Worse?

As I am sure  most of you know by now, the Vera Bradley tote was redesigned for fall 2008.  I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the first questions that popped into yours minds are probably the same ones that popped into mine.  Namely, how is the new tote the same, and what has changed? 

To answer these questions, here is a quick rundown of the old versus new:


Nothing has changed as far as size.  Both styles are 11¾" x 13½" x 4".

Shoulder Strap

Again, no changes.  Both styles feature a 12½” strap drop.


Finally, some differences...

The old tote had one interior slip pocket.  The new bag features two more, for a grand total of not one, not two, but three interior pockets!


Another difference!  The old style's button closure has been replaced with a more stylish tortoise toggle.

Price Tag

I wish I could say this hasn't changed.  The new Vera Bradley tote retails for $2.00 more than the old style, coming in at a suggested retail price of $46.00.

As promised, there's the quick comparison.  Let me know what you think about the changes...

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