Summer 2010 Vera Bradley Patterns Are Here!

Although we just welcomed the first day of spring on Saturday, the new summer 2010 Vera Bradley patterns are now arriving at the stores!  That's not unusual though - retailers always seem to be one season ahead of everyone else, don't they?

Anyway, here in Indiana, summer will not be here until June.  That's when the temperatures are finally warm enough to take a dip in the pool and the kids are happy to be out of school.  Although summer is not officially here, I know more than one person who would have had a hard time waiting until its true arrival on June 21st to get their hands on these new patterns.  There were sneak peeks floating around back in the fall, and once you get a glimpse, it can be difficult to wait!

However, the wait is over, and the new summer 2010 Vera Bradley patterns are starting to arrive in most stores.  As always, I'm having a hard time picking a favorite, so I thought I would see what everyone else is saying, and what better way to do that then with a poll.  So, here goes...

Which Summer Pattern Is Your Favorite?

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Did you vote for the Vera Bradley Night and Day pattern?  That one is getting a lotta love, and for good reason.  I remember how disappointed several people were when they thought Imperial Toile would be black and white, and it ended up being cream and dark brown instead.  Well, the designers must have been listening, because now we have a black and white pattern.  I love the contrast, and I know it will be popular.  It is one of those styles that looks great with a lot of different wardrobe options - you just can't go wrong with this one!

The Vera Bradley Simply Violet is also a good choice.  Purple Punch received such a warm reception a few seasons back, that it only makes sense to release another pattern in the same color family.  Of the four summer 2010 Vera Bradley patterns, this one's paisley print seems to stick most closely to the company's roots.  I guess you could call it a "classic"!

The Vera Bradley Call Me Coral fabric is so much fun!  With its vivid mix of colors, it's truly a summer pattern that I'm sure we will see a lot of at the parks and beaches in the next couple of months.  You will know summer is here when you pull on a pair of capris or bermudas, slip on your flip flops, and toss a tote in this color over your shoulder!

Finally, we have the Make Me Blush fabric pattern.  Does it look familiar?  It should!  Remember Poppy Fields?  It was released back in January.  Make Me Blush is almost identical to Poppy Fields, but you might have missed the similarity just because the colors are so different.

There you have it - the four new spring 2010 Vera Bradley patterns.  If you have a few free seconds, make sure to vote for your favorite, and if you have a few free minutes, leave a comment below letting us know which is your favorite and why...

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