The Nature-Inspired Vera Bradley Sittin’ in a Tree

Recently, I did a post about the new spring patterns, including the adorable Vera Bradley Sittin' in a Tree fabric.  Before the summer patterns arrive in the stores (trust me, they will be here before we know it!), I wanted to talk a little more about the spring styles.  To kick off the discussion, I thought I would talk about my favorite of the four new releases - the Sittin' in a Tree pattern.

I always chuckle to myself when I hear others call these granny bags.  Before the spring styles actually hit the stores, there was a lot of "granny bag talk", even from diehard Vera fans.  I think it has to do with the fact that three of the four new spring patterns have vintage roots.

However, that's not the only reason.  I also think some of the preliminary pictures were not the best.  Last summer, Vera Bradley posted sneak peek pictures of Sittin' in a Tree on Flickr.  Here's a link so you know what I'm talking about:

When I saw this picture, I have to admit that I didn't like the colors at all.  I know sometimes computer monitors can display differently, but I looked at this picture on about half a dozen different monitors, and to be honest, I did not like what I saw on any of them!  The green and turquoise hues were almost fluorescent and just didn't work well on the brown background.  Fortunately, it was either a bad picture, or the pattern went through some additional modifications before its release, because the style that is now in stores is so much better than those original pics.

The designers were going for a 1950s "old to nature" feeling when they designed this pattern, and fortunately, they chose earthy tones in lieu of the fluorescent hues on the flickr photo.  The citrine green, soft turquoise, and accents of white look beautiful on the brown background.  Even though this pattern is considered a "spring" style, I think this color combination will look great in any season.

I also love the scene depicted on the fabric.  Really, the name says it all - this pattern has a repeating design of turquoise birds sitting in a trees!  It's so cute, and the interior fabric is just as adorable.  The tiny birds pair up to create a heart design.

Vera Bradley Sittin' in a TreeCall the Vera Bradley Sittin' in a Tree a granny bag if you want, but I love it!  I'm so glad my initial impressions of this pattern were wrong.  I would love to hear what you think of this style.  Was it love at first sight, or are you still waiting for it to grow on you?  Let us know by leaving a comment below...


  1. I felt the same way. When I saw that sneak peek, I didn’t think highly of it and said I would need to see it in person. The green was sooo bright, from the picture.

    When I saw it in person, I loved it. It is now my 2nd most favorite pattern. The day I saw it in person I was buying a laptop case. I had every intention to buy the laptop case in Bali Gold, my #1 favorite, but I walked out of the Vera Bradley store with a Sittin In A Tree laptop case!

    I just adore it in so many ways!

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