Think Like a Vera Bradley Products Designer

I have a lot of fun putting together the polls on this site and seeing the responses.  For my next poll, I am looking for some help from you.  This assignment requires you to put your creative thinking cap on.  Why?  Well, it's time to think like a Vera Bradley product designer!

As I'm sure you already know, the Vera Bradley company makes more than just purses and luggage.  They dabble in a variety of things - home decor, stationary, pet products, even eyeglasses - you name it.  With that in mind, if you were a designer for the company, what would you like to see added to its product line?

Vera Bradley Products Designer

For the next week or so, I will be accepting submissions.  Then, voting time!  I'll set up a poll, and we'll see which product idea is the most popular.  And yes, I admit it - I have watched one too many episodes of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice", so I will also participate and submit the first idea to get the ball rolling.

One more thing, this is just for fun.  However, you can actually submit product ideas to them. So, after you finish brainstorming, if you think you've got a winner, I encourage you to jot down your ideas, and put them in the mail to:

Vera Bradley
Attn: Product Development
2208 Production Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808

As promised, I'm including my own submission.  Here it is...

I think a Vera Bradley baby carrier would be a great! Unfortunately, my youngest son is three now.  As you can imagine, it would be difficult to squeeze his forty pounds of toddler fat into a baby carrier.  However, if they added a baby carrier to their product line - well, that just might be the incentive I need to try for that little girl I always wanted! ;-)

Tag, you're it!  Got any ideas?

UPDATE ON 6/18/08:

Ok, I'm going to be wrapping this up in the next day or two.  If you have an idea, don't be shy - let's hear it!  There's been some really great ideas submitted so far - here's a quick recap (for more information about each, check out the comments section).

Amy suggested a fanny pack...
Melanie suggested scrapbooking paper...
Vicki suggested a toddler bag...
...and I suggested a baby carrier

All great ideas, don't you think!  Starting next week, make sure you return to vote for your favorite in the next poll.

UPDATE ON 6/22/08:

We received one more entry.  Jillian suggested potholders and oven mitts...

All great ideas!  Voting has now started (see the poll on the right side of the page).  So, what are you waiting for - go vote!

UPDATE ON 7/26/08:

Well, I was running the poll over on the right side, but after doing some updates to the site, it's no longer working in the sidebar.  I have added it here, so you can still vote.

By the way, if you do want to vote, make sure you do it soon!  This poll is set to expire in just a couple more days, on July 31...

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  1. this idea might just be a little toooo practical – a vera bradley fanny pack

    now that the airlines are charging for every little piece of luggage, a fanny pack is one of those things you can sneak through without racking up another fee

  2. Melanie says:

    Scrapbooking paper!!!

  3. A “toddler bag.” I’m past the diaper bag stage, but still need to carry wipes and a change of clothes, snacks, and my OWN things, like a wallet, keys, cellphone, and sunglasses. Not sure if I’d like it to be zipped up (because everytime I bend over to help the kids, things fall out), or a tote-style where I can reach in quickly to pay the cashier so I can get my screaming kids out of the store! It’d have to be carried close to the body, would need a couple of outside slip-in or zippered pockets, and definitely some pockets/organizers inside. Oh yeah, it should also have a light-colored interior or a light that turns on every time you open up the bag or push a button.

  4. Jillian says:

    How about potholders and oven mitts to go with their placemats and napkins :-)

  5. Darla Yancer says:

    dont know if this is to late but baby bedding or crib sheet prints would be a great idea also because they are so colorful and vibrant! they would be such a great accent to a baby nursery

  6. Hi Darla, Love the idea!

  7. looking for Vera Bradley bedding
    where oh where can I find ??????????????????????????
    my zip 33710

  8. Carolyn Carter says:

    Just wanted to suggest… A new Christmas pattern for 2012. I know Vera Bradley has a few from years ago. But I would love to see a new one. Doesn’t matter what style, just so its a purse.

    Thanks !

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