The Vera Bradley Barcelona – What Do You Think?

Occasionally, a pattern comes out that I'm not too sure about.  The new Vera Bradley Barcelona pattern, which was released recently with the other fall 2010 introductions, is one such fabric.  When I first saw the sneak peek pics that started making their rounds about the internet earlier in the year, I thought for sure that I would like this pattern.  After all, it appeared to be neutral enough, with its easy to pair color combo of off white and black.

Of course, I was just taking peeks at samples, without seeing the pattern in person, or even on any handbags.  Some lucky people received sneak peek glances at the signature stores earlier in the year, and while they had lots of good things to say about the pattern itself, the verdict was out on the striped trim.

Now that the pattern is "officially out", there's still some controversy.  Some ladies really love this new style, while others not so much.  I was lurking on Vera Bradley's Facebook page the other day, and here's a few comments that were made in favor...

  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Barecelona! It didn't draw my eye at first, but the more I looked at it - I decdided that it's my favorite this season.
  • There's something classic and classy about Barcelona. It's not 'fun' like VBP and HD--more understated than those two (although I like those, too).
  • Barcelona (especially with the stripe) is probably my favorite pattern ever! I am so glad VB decided to include a stripe on one of their patterns!!

However, there were others that didn't care for the stripes....

  • I was expecting the stripe colors to be more magenta and green teal and gold.
  • I would totally love Barcelona more if it didn't have that ugly stripe thing going on!!

For me, I really think it depends on the bag and how the trim is used.  On most other patterns, the trim doesn't pop out at you, but on the Vera Bradley Barcelona, it really does.  With the trim as the focal point, the placement is important.

On some styles, I think it really works.  For example, I really like the new Side by Side Tote in Barcelona.  The stripes run vertically down the middle, and I think it adds to the overall style of the bag.  I can't wait to add this bag to my closet!  Also, it looks nice on the new Julia, with the boxy trim around the flap.

However, there are some other styles that I don't care for much when used with this pattern.  For example, I don't like the striped trim on the duffel bags.  They run down vertically on each end of the duffels, and I think it's too much.  Nor do I like how it looks on many of the tote styles, such as the Villager and Miller bags.  To me, the stripes look out of place when placed horizontally across the top of these bags.

You wouldn't think stripes and trim would make that much of a difference, but they do for me.  With me and the Vera Bradley Barcelona, I think it's going to be a part-time love affair - I love it on some styles, but could leave it on others.  What about you?


  1. Christina G. says:

    I haven’t seen it in person yet and a lot of times patterns I love (or hate) on screen affect me differently in person. So far I LOVE the Barcelona pattern. When I first saw the pattern on here (minus the stripes) I thought “bleh” another boring black and white… when I saw it in its full glory, I loved it immediately. I think I like it the best of any pattern.

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