Vera Bradley Java Blue Not Retiring Yet!

The Vera Bradley Java Blue fabric pattern once again escaped retirement. It's an unfortunate situation - when new products are released, other ones are pulled out of production and retired. I always hold my breath when I find out which ones will experience this fate, wondering if one of them will be a personal favorite.

I know lots of ladies that love the Vera Bradley Java Blue fabric pattern (me included!). However, it was released way back in 2006. All of the signature fabrics released that year (as well as preceding years) have went out of production, so I was worried that we might have to say goodbye. However, it looks like it will be around for a little while longer...

That leaves the question - which fabric patterns didn't make the cut? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here are the ones that have been replaced with the introduction of the new Spring 2009 fabrics:

Peacock - This one surprised me! I really thought Peacock would be around for a couple more seasons, but unfortunately, it will not. I will definitely miss it!

Cambridge - Another one that I will miss! For some reason, I have always thought of Cambridge as Peacock's conservative cousin - maybe it's the colors. Both patterns were released in 2007 (one year after Java Blue's debut).

Kensington - The Kensington is one of my mom's favorite patterns. I have not broke the news to her yet that it won't be around much longer, but I definitely plan on picking her up some new pieces at the Outlet Sale so that she won't have to worry about missing it for quite some time yet! She loves neutral patterns, so I might have to get her hooked on Caffe Latte instead.

Riviera Blue - I don't own any bags in this pattern - at least not yet. Riviera Blue is a great summer pattern, so I will be getting a few summertime accessories in this pattern before it's hard to find.

Well, I'm glad that Vera Bradley Java Blue will be around a little bit longer, but I'm sad to see the other patterns go. Which one will you miss the most?

Vera Bradley Java Blue


  1. So glad to know that this wonderful pattern will be around for a bit longer. It has always been one of my favorites.

  2. I loved Peacock and Cambridge! Others that were really sad were Piccadilly Plum, Chelsea Green, Botanica, Petal Pink, Sherbet, Medallion, etc. Oldies but goodies.
    It takes me longer to notice/consider buying the more conservative patterns, but it just hit me: the Calypso pattern is gorgeous!

  3. i love java blue that is my pattern and the pattern i love!!

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