Vera Bradley on Desperate Housewives

I always finish the weekend by kicking back and watching Desperate Housewives, but this season there has been a new guest star that has appeared in almost every episode.  If you know me, and you read this blog, you will know I'm talking about Bree's "sidekick", Vera Bradley! 

I noticed Vera Bradley on the show when Bree (Marcia Cross's character) moved into Susan's house after her house was damaged by the tornado.  Since that initial appearance, Bree has been sporting a Vera bag in just about every scene that shows her out and about. 

I think this Sunday, when I cuddle up to watch my favorite ladies of Wisteria Lane, I'm going to start a new drinking game.  Every time I see Vera Bradley in a scene, it's bottoms up!  Who's with me?  Think we'll have a hangover on Monday - Mondays are rough as it is, so what the heck!

My husband says that he doesn't like me watching the show - that he thinks it's a bad influence...

I guess he's probably right! 


  1. Anonymous says:

    hello i was wondering what was the influence of making Vera Bradley products

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