Vera Bradley Spring 2010 Collection – Vintage is In!

The new Vera Bradley Spring 2010 collection has been in stores for a couple of weeks now, and I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks of them.   I have talked to a few people who mentioned they did not think they would like them based on pictures they had seen, but after getting a firsthand look, they were smitten!

Vera Bradley Spring 2010 Collection

A few of the new patterns were inspired by vintage fabrics.  I love almost everything vintage, and I think the designers did a great job bringing the past into the present with the Spring 2010 collection.  Although I'm anxiously looking forward to the summer styles, I do love these recent introductions.  

First, let's talk about the Sittin in a Tree pattern.  According to Veronique Poudrier, Vice President of Design for Vera Bradley, the citrine green, earthy brown, and neutral white in Sittin in a Tree were used to give it a "1950s 'ode to nature' feeling".  I do love their color selection here (after all, green is my favorite color!).  However, what I really love about this fabric is the actual pattern itself.  It features tiny turquoise birds perched among green leaves and white flowers.  It's absolutely adorable, and if I had to pick my favorite of the four, this one just might be it!

The Vera Bradley Poppy Fields pattern also has vintage roots.  This feminine and floral print was inspired by a dress from the 1940s.  The colors and flowers work together to make a pattern that is truly romantic and reminiscent of another time.  As a side note (and a not-so-subtle hint to my husband), a purse in Poppy Fields would make a wonderful Valentine's Day present!

Well, we have covered the 1940s and 1950s, so let's flash forward to the 1960s and talk about the Loves Me fabric pattern.  According to Poudrier, the Vera Bradley company purchased rights to a 1960s textile for this design.  They made quite a few modifications to the original textile, toning down the colors and resizing the oversized daisies.  However, I love what they came up with - it's so fun and so pretty!  Loves Me is also the newest breast cancer awareness pattern.  The company donates 10% of their net proceeds from the sale of this pattern to the Vera Bradley Foundation.

Finally, we have Totally Turq.  No vintage here, but with the scrolls and medallions, and beautiful choice of colors, it is a classic Vera Bradley pattern.  According to Poudrier, turquoise is the "it" color this spring, and I don't doubt her.  Turquoise is such a cheerful color, and it looks great on just about anyone, regardless of their skin tone and hair color.

Well, before I open this up for comments, I wanted to point you to the Vera Bradley Life website.  There you can read their Talking Trends: Spring Color interview with designer Veronique Poudrier.  She shares some insight into where they get the inspiration and ideas for their designs.

Before you go, though, make sure you leave a quick note below, letting us know what you think of the new Vera Bradley Spring 2010 collection...


  1. I LOVE Poppy Fields! It reminds me of a dress my Barbie had, back in the mid 60s. Sittin’ in a Tree is too subtle for my taste…Loves Me is fun, but it takes some getting used to…Totally Turq–eh. It looks rather staid, like a lace doily, and the turquoise color reminds me of the paint on all of my aunts’ living rooms. If I were young, and did not remember lace doilies and turqoise walls everywhere, I’d probably love it.

  2. Cincha,
    I couldn’t help but laugh about your Totally Turq comment!!! I think your aunt and my grandparents had the same tastes in home decor – even my grandparents kitchen cabinets were turquoise! Blech! I was so happy when they replaced them. Well, I *did* love the Totally Turq pattern – hopefully you didn’t ruin it for me (lol!)…

  3. I totally love sittin in a tree. It is so simple and will go with everything. It is a simply must have. What’s not to love about Vera Bradley’s

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