Vera Bradley Super Tote on Brothers and Sisters

Vera Bradley Super Tote Cupcakes GreenI am a few months behind on this one, but did anyone else see Sarah looking at the Vera Bradley Super Tote in Cupcakes Green on Brothers and Sisters when she was shopping for a baby shower gift for Kitty?

I don't watch much television, but there are a few that I allow myself the guilty pleasure to watch.  However, I always record everything on our DVR (similar to a TIVO), so that I can skip through the commercials.  Anyway, I have several episodes of Brothers and Sisters recorded, and I'm just finally now getting around to watching them.

To get back on topic, I love when I catch a glimpse of Vera Bradley on one of my favorite shows.  As a matter of fact, I will pause the show so that I can show my husband and eleven year old son.  Of course, they both shake their heads and roll their eyes at me.  They just don't understand!

The Cupcakes Green Super Tote has not been the only "show stopper" for me.  Mod Floral Pink made several guest appearances on last season's episodes of Desperate Housewives.  I also heard that one of the Vera Bradley's patterns was on ER.

Have you caught a glimpse of Vera Bradley on any of your favorite television shows?  I would love to hear where else they have been spotted...


  1. Melissa says:

    I spotted something in Purple Punch (I’m guessing a diaper bag) on the season finale of One Tree Hill this season. It was in the back of the Comet as Peyton and Lucas and baby Sawyer were leaving town at the end of the show. :) I was watching it online and had to rewind to make sure!

  2. The Hannah Montanta/Miley Cyrus movie that came out a few months ago shows a quick glimpes of Daisy Daisy, its the scene where Tyra Banks and “Hannah” are in the boutique fighting over a great pair of shoes, if you see the movie, watch for it!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for adding the One Tree Hill episode. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hits rewind when I think I see a Vera Bradley bag – LOL!

  4. Hi Kristi,

    My nieces have been bugging me to see that movie with them – I will keep my eye out for it when I do!

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