Vera Bradley Yoga Mat Giveaway!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway for the Vera Bradley Yoga Mat!  A winner has been selected, and the comments are now closed.

I purchased several things at the Outlet Sale today for giveaways here over the next few days.  The first item I have is a Vera Bradley Yoga Mat in Night and Day.   The yoga mat normally retails for $48.00, but I was able to purchase it at the sale today for $18.99.  Awesome deal, huh!  As much as I want to keep it (and I really do!), it belongs to one of you.

The yoga mat case has a pocket for your water bottle, and there's a slot at the bottom to place your I.D.  The strap is adjustable, and the top has a drawstring closure.  Here's a picture of the mat and case:

It's easy to enter the giveaway.  Here are the rules...


Post a comment here, listing your favorite all-time pattern.  Yes, you can list two or more patterns if you can't pick just one, but you are allowed only one comment.
• Make sure your e-mail is entered correctly in the form in case you win.
• Privacy is protected, and e-mails are only used to work out the details for mailing the winner the item won during this giveaway
• Duplicate entries will be removed. One entry per person please.
• Your chance to enter this giveaway ends on Thursday, April 14, 2011, at noon EST.  That's less than a day, so don't delay!
• Only open to residents of USA.
• The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
• The winner will be announced Thursday afternoon. Good luck!

UPDATE ON 4/14/2011

We received 45 entries for this giveaway.  I loved reading through all the diverse answers!  To select the winner, I used the random number generator at

Comment #29, belonging to Jamie, was the winner! Congratulations, Jamie!  I will be sending an email to you today to work out the mailing arrangements.  You can also send me your address using the contact form here on my site.  Stay tuned, everybody - I have another giveaway coming soon!


  1. Shelley - 1 says:

    My favorite pattern is mod pink :) and purple punch!

  2. Maureen - 2 says:

    I like a few I like 1. Provincial Red, 2. Katherine, 3. New Hope 4. Hope Garden.
    I could probably list a few more but these are the ones that come to mind immediately.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  3. Sarah - 3 says:


  4. Taylor - 4 says:

    Hope garden!

  5. Billie Back - 5 says:

    My fav is Java Blue!!!

  6. Beth in the Heartland - 6 says:

    Hope Garden or Apple Green – love em both! Thanks so much for the giveaway, I’ve gone to the sale the past 4 years but couldn’t make it this time :( So I love all the updates and living vicariously thru you!

  7. Jean - 7 says:

    Symphony in Hue is my favorite, but Purple Punch is not far behind!

  8. Jill Garst - 8 says:

    I love java blue and the pink swirly (not the tech name)

  9. Ashley - 9 says:

    I really like Sittin’ in a tree and Java Blue!

  10. Melissa - 10 says:

    Night and Day. :)
    Twirly Birds Navy.

  11. Lynne H - 11 says:

    I love Sittin’ in a Tree!

  12. Elizabeth McGraw - 12 says:

    My favorite pattern is very berry paisley, and my newest favorite is folkloric!!! =]

  13. My favorite pattern of all time is Pink Pansy!!! Love it!

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway! Hope you had a good time at the outlet sale!!

  14. Laura - 14 says:

    Kensington and Windsor Navy – my all time favorites!!!!!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  15. Tiffany - 15 says:

    I have way too many favorites but if I had to choose I would say Pink Elephants and Java Blue.

    Thanks so much for all the updates from the outlet sale (especially the price list).

  16. Leanna E - 16 says:

    While I love Vera Bradley so much and its just so hard to really just pick one favorite pattern would have to be….. BAROQUE! I love the sleek look of it! Just got Baroque in Morgan from for half the original price and I’m loving it! <3 Vera!

  17. rachel - 17 says:

    I’m an old fashioned girl. Give me a Chanticleer bag and color me happy!

    Thank you for posting your outlet price lists. They’ve helped us decide if we are going to/not going to the outlet sale.

  18. Patty - 18 says:

    Love Petal Pink and Pink Cupcake!! I am going to the VBOS tomorrow for the first time, I am super excited!

  19. Rhonda - 19 says:

    Love <3 them all…but I've gotta say "Bali Blue" or "Bali Gold" are my favs

  20. Kalan - 20 says:

    Night and Day

  21. Jen Richardson - 21 says:

    My favorite all time is Mesa Red, night & day, petal pink

  22. Michele Jefferson - 22 says:

    First of all, thanks for keeping us posted on the sale each year. Your post helps me to organize my time at the sale.

    My favorite patterns are Hello Dahlia, and Barcelona!!

  23. Linda M - 23 says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite but I think I have it narrowed down to Very Berry Paisley, Purple Punch, and Barcelona.

    Always enjoy checking out your blog and thanks for the chance to win a great give-a-way!

  24. Jean - 24 says:

    My favorite pattern is pink cupcake! Thank you so much for the updates – headed to the sale tomorrow night with my mom and gma (there first time!)

  25. Michelle Carter - 25 says:

    My favorite is night & day but also love the plain color microfibers especially grey!

  26. Lisa D - 26 says:

    All time favorite is Pink Elephant

  27. Regina - 27 says:

    My favorite patterns would have to be Bali Gold, Blue Lagoon, and Yellow Bird :)
    Thanks for posting stuff up about the sale… so helpful!

  28. Allie - 28 says:

    I love them all, if I had to choose I use yellowbird, pink elephant and java blue a lot. But I also have a lot of new patterns I like as well but I keep getting drawn back to old-time favorites.

  29. Jamie - 29 says:

    Java Blue!!

  30. shady greene - 30 says:

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date!

    I am a bit of an oddball……..My fav is the microfiber! and second is Sherbert and all the ones with purple!

  31. Kirstie - 31 says:

    Apple Green and Bermuda Blue. They were perfect to match!

  32. Linda - 32 says:

    My favorite all time colors would have to be cupcakes green and night and day.

  33. Debbie - 33 says:

    Green Cupcake and Purple Punch- Going on Friday

  34. Christina G. - 34 says:

    My go-to color is Mesa Red because it goes with most of my stuff but I have to admit, I love love <3 Boysenberry.

  35. Jill - 35 says:

    Bermuda Blue and Nantucket Navy

  36. Kim - 36 says:

    Mesa Red

  37. Amy - 37 says:

    Paprika, cupcake green, mod pink, sittin in a tree, peacock…….. I have a problem :)

  38. Melody - 38 says:

    Peacock. Only because it was my first Vera pattern. :)

  39. JoDee - 39 says:

    I love Folkloric and Bali Blue!! I love your blog too…thanks for the outlet sale updates!

  40. Melodie O - 40 says:

    I love Peacock, Cupcakes Green and Baroque!

  41. trisha geyman - 41 says:

    I love them all……….but if I have to choose then, Java Blue

  42. Val - 42 says:

    Poppy Fields

  43. Mary - 43 says:

    All time favorite………….YELLOW BIRD!!!

  44. Heather B - 44 says:

    Very Berry Paisley

  45. Rebekah Grinstead - 45 says:

    One I hold close to my heart is Animal Kingdom, it was my first Vera pattern and my mom and both got a bag in that pattern. But there is also, Hope, Hope Garden, Nantucket Red, Yellow Bird, Very Berry, Folkloric and brand new Deco Daisy..I think I’ve got issues;))