What’s Your Favorite New Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Pattern?

Hopefully by now, everyone has had a chance to see the new Fall 2008 Vera Bradley Patterns, if not in person, then online.  When I first posted on this subject back in May (my, how the time flies!), it was difficult to determine what pattern was the clear cut favorite among our readers.  Was it the Puccini? Night Owl? Caffe Latte? How about Frankly Scarlet?

Now, it's time to find out once and for all everyone's favorite!  How?  Well, voting is the democratic way, of course.  So, in that regard, it's time for another poll...

What's Your Favorite New Fall Vera Bradley Pattern?

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If you read my previous post, you probably know that I am having problems getting the polls to run in the navigation bar over on the right ever since upgrading.  I am still working on the problem, but until I find the fix, the poll will be buried in the post here. 

To wrap things up, have fun voting for your favorite fall 2008 Vera Bradley pattern!  It's just one way to pass the time until the "real" voting starts in November.  Personally, I think I prefer this over the real elections - at least this is fun!


  1. I just voted, and it’s a four way tie now! HA! By the way, my favorite is Night Owl. After I get the kids back to school, mom is going shopping!

  2. Caffe Latte definitely is my favorite.

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