Win a Vera Bradley Lindsay Handbag

The Vera Bradley Lindsay handbag giveaway is now closed.  There will be another one very soon, so make sure you check back!

I have good news...

I have a Vera Bradley Lindsay handbag that I am giving away! As you may recall, I held a short poll here recently to find out which fabric pattern you preferred - the Mod Floral Pink or the Mod Floral Blue. We had 57 total voters, and Mod Floral Pink won by 11 votes, so here it is - a Vera Bradley Lindsay bag in Mod Floral Pink...


Entering to win this purse is super simple. Here's what you need to do...


Post a comment here, finishing this sentence: "I like Vera Bradley products because...." You can name just one reason, or you can name ten, it's your choice - just name something!
• Make sure your e-mail is entered correctly in the form in case you win.
• Privacy is protected, and e-mails are only used to work out the details for mailing the winner the item won during this giveaway
• Duplicate entries will be removed. One entry per person please.
• Giveaway ends on Sunday, February 8, 2009, at midnight EST.
• Only open to residents of USA.
• The winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
• The winner will be announced the following day. Good luck!
• The last giveaway had only twenty-four comments, meaning that entrants has a 1 in 24 chance of winning! Pretty good odds, wouldn't you agree? I have more giveaways in the works too, so consider subscribing to my RSS feed, so that you don’t miss your next opportunity!

About This Handbag

The Vera Bradley Lindsay is one of my all-time favorites! It's not too big and it's not too small - and it's cute! I actually have one in Windsor Navy that I have been carrying around this winter...

It has a nice thick adjustable strap and several outer pockets, including a large zippered pocket in the back, small slip pockets on each side, and two more slip pockets under the magnetic closure flap. Inside you will find plenty of room for everything - your car keys, wallet, sunglasses, cosmetic case, cell phone. I could go on, but I'm sure you get my point!

I really like this bag because it's so easy to see what I want in it. It's deep enough that everything doesn't fall out every time you open it, but it's not so deep that you feel you have to dig around for an hour to find what you want. It has a suggested retail price of $67.00.


If you read the rules above, you know what to do! Good luck to everyone. I'm anxious to hear the responses...

UPDATE ON 2/09/09

A big thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway.  The comments were a blast to read!

Once again, I used the random number generator over at   Alice, who left comment #29, is the lucky winner of the Mod Floral Pink Vera Bradley Lindsay handbag.


Congrats Alice!  Thanks again to everyone who entered - and remember, if your number wasn't picked this time, check back soon.  I still have even more Vera Bradley goodies to give away!


  1. tracy reinhardt (#1) says:

    because of the great price and fun fabrics… honestly its the first time ive ever been happy with my purses. ever

  2. I love Vera Bradley handbags because they are colorful,pretty, fun,and practical!

  3. Lorna Lee (#3) says:

    I love Vera Bradley becauses of the beautiful colours and patterns of the bags. I really like the accessories and have recently found the microfiber line.

  4. “I like Vera Bradley products because the patterns are so fun!” :)

  5. Cassy Fasulo (#5) says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley products because they make you stand out from everyone else. They have cute, fun and COLORFUL designs to go with ANYTHING! I’ve never been more in love with a line of purses in my life. Vera bradley purses are the ONLY purses for me!

  6. I am very impressed with Vera Bradley. The colors are awesome!!! I am very excited about the new Summer colors but I do love the mod pink also!! Keep up the wonderful work and imagination Vera.

  7. Peggy Weiss (#7) says:

    Vera Bradley makes the best purses and accesories. I love the purses because the pockets are great for organizing and finding things. Love all her patterns and can’t wait to see the new colors.

  8. Bryndis Cruz (#8) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because they are high quality bags with gorgeous colors and patterns! My love for them is actually more recent than most and I can’t wait to build up a collection.

  9. Katie (#9) says:

    I love Vera Bradley because:
    they are always on top of the newest trends and colors.
    they are practical when you have small children.
    they have great storage with hidden zipper and pockets.
    they come in all shapes and sizes!

  10. MarylouBreuer (#10) says:

    Because of their light weight, and wonderful patterns,I have been a faithful customer since 1986.Beauty,comfort, and useability all rolled into one.

  11. Stephanie (#11) says:

    I feel fabulous wearing my Vera Bradley Handbag. They are not only beautiful and fun in their colors and stylish designs, they are practical too. I love that they are made well, lightweight, have pockets for organizing, and are machine washable! Who could ask for anything more? Vera Bradley is a “quilted cut” above the rest.

  12. Allison Walker (#12) says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley products because they are excellent quality. The bags are stylish–with tasteful, innovative designs. Vera Bradley products are functional and practical, yet sophisticated and feminine at the same time.

  13. Courtney Casto (#13) says:

    I LOVE VERA BRADLEY PRODUCTS BECAUSE….they are great for mothers. My husband buys me a new color every season. I will carry mine for six months and they still look brand new. I only carry Vera Bradley because they are stylish and addordable.

  14. Mia Hill (#14) says:

    I’ve never heard of Vera Bradley until I came across this site. I love the photo of the handbag so I’m sure my love will grow with time.

  15. Laura Atkinson (#15) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because they’re gorgeous. They’re simply something I covet. They’re popular here at my rich southern college and I see girls carrying them around all the time. I’m one of the poorest students here(on lots of financial aid) and do not have enough money to buy one myself. This is actually my favorite design also – the pink just pops and there’s something youthful and vibrant about it with just the right blending of brown. :)

  16. Wendy VanDeuson (#16) says:

    I like Vera Bradley products because I don’t mind paying for something that wears like Vera… The colors are amazing! Once you’ve had your first Vera product it’s like eating a potato chip.. “you can’t have just one”… Mix, match and wash n’ wear.. Thank you Vera !!

  17. Sandy (#17) says:

    I like Vera Bradley product beacuse
    they are durable gorgeous.

  18. Erin (#18) says:

    I like Vera radley products because they are very fun and pretty!

  19. Teresa Kovalick (#19) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because they’re made with quality and the bright colors and great patterns brighten my mood, especially on these dreary wintery days. I love them so much I bought my son’s girlfriend her first Vera Bradley bag for Christmas and she’s hooked!

  20. Mandy (#20) says:

    I like Vera Bradley products because:
    -they are cotton and washable, I use them as gym bags and my shoes smell!
    -they are distinctively girly, where I am not but carrying them make me fee like it!

  21. nayeli (#21) says:

    I like Vera Bradley products because they are colorful and fun! Also, because they fit many things and are super light weight.

  22. Susan Roman (#22) says:

    Vera Bradley – Quality, washable “fashion” that has become the new face of classic! Attractive and appealing to young and old – always in style. Not to mention, has created a special interest that has bonded the sisterhood of discerning shoppers!

  23. Hannah Fink (#23) says:

    I like Vera Bradley products because they are very fashionable&anyone can have one on there shoulder&look in style!

  24. Leslie (#24) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because:
    they are fun and funky;
    practical and pretty;
    cute and comfortable;
    and they offer a wide variety
    of ever changing products
    for every taste and need.
    Plus, it’s exciting to see what’s
    new and what’s retiring.

  25. i love vera bradley bags because they’re so cute and practical!

  26. Nancy Christie (#26) says:

    I like Vera Bradley products because they are colorful, sturdy and can take the wear and tear of traveling … even to India and back three times!!!

  27. juliet (#27) says:

    Vera Bradley’s bags are made to coordinate with any outfit

  28. Jean Ann Fink (#28) says:

    I like Vera Bradley products because they have such fun and colorful prints to choose from. I also like the variety of styles to choose from.

  29. Alice (#29) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because they:
    Have cute patterns that go with almost everything.
    Are reasonably priced so you can afford more than one.
    Wash beautifully, and come out looking brand new.
    Keep me organized.

  30. Cathy L. (#30) says:

    I also love Vera Bradley for all the beautiful colors and styles and they sure are addictive. My collection keeps growing which is fun but I make work for myself changing bags. I also love giving them as gifts. They are much appreciated. In fact, I gave some Mod Floral Pink Linday’s as Christmas gifts but don’t have one myself. It’s very cute!

  31. Mary Oliverio (#31) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because they make my kids feel like they are “in style” without breaking my bank!

  32. ann_was_here (#32) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because the selection of prints is always completely adorable! The selection of products is always great and you can’t beat the quality!

  33. Iris W (#33) says:

    I love Vera Bradley products because they are so well made and the fabrics are so cool.

  34. phyllis (#34) says:

    I LOVE Vera Bradley because no matter how crazy life gets she has a pocket right where you need it!!!

  35. Elizabeth Blackhall (#35) says:

    I love Vera Bradley because the patterns are so bright and cheerful and tehy hold together long.

  36. I love Vera Bradley because I love the patterns and the bags they make me happy!!

  37. Megan Roberts (#37) says:

    I love Vera Bradley purses so much I named one of my dogs Vera!!! The purses are handcrafted so beautifully, I only wish I could make handbags like that. I want them all, each time a collection retires, I just have to have a few more!!

  38. Katrina (#38) says:

    I love Vera Bradley because it represents fun fashion, a go-getter spirit, and a timeless product. Vera Bradley is here to be noticed and so are the people that wear them. Love your Vera!

  39. Maureen Graham says:

    I love Vera Bradley purses because they are top notch quality, wonderful fabrics, terrific colors. Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway.

  40. hilda frazier says:

    I love Vera Bradley bags and accessories because they are absolutely gorgeous! When I carry mine I just feel like I am the Queen of England! My first bag was a Pinwheel Pink Hipster. I ride motorcycle (back of valkyrie 1500 with my “sweetie”) and have a PINK helmet. I walked into the local Hallmark and saw the Pinwheel pink display they were setting up and was totally and completely SMITTEN! I KNEW I had to have one — and after studying them all carefully chose the hipster! Since then I have added to my Pinwheel collection, and added Picadilly Plum, Frankly Scarlet, and Mesa Red pieces. I recently purchased a Botanica Hipster for my 83 year old mother and SHE is now SMITTEN by Vera! I have always said I would never use a cloth purse — leather only for me — but the leathers are in the back of the closet and the Vera’s are on display around my room! I JUST LOVE VERA — she makes me feel like ROYALTY!

  41. hilda frazier says:

    Oh, I forgot, I also purchased a denim “Megan” and a little zip coin purse to go with that. I love that one also. It’s kind of my every day on the go bag. Vera bags are gorgeous enough to decorate my bedroom — that’s what they do, in addition to their intended use!

  42. I love Vera Bradley because the bags make me smile all day!

  43. Stephanie says:

    Bought my first bag 2 weeks ago!!! I fell instantly in love with Mod Floral Pink Gabby. The style of this bag is so different from others in the past, and even though I really am not a pink person, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wear it with corals, browns, white, and beige. It’s great to get complimemnts. I now have a Lisa B in daisy daisy and both just make me smile. Great Fun for summer. Feverishly trying to find someone to drive to FortWayne with me, I live in Northern Michigan, to experience the energy at the Outlet Sale. I’m hooked!!!!!

  44. I went to my first Vera Bradley sale to get my first Vera Bradley bag an I an 71 years old an I had a ball. I spent way to much money. When we got there my one color to get was Mod Floral Pink. But there was not one left when I got there.Maybe next year.

  45. ELLEN CONLEY says:

    At this point of life I could just use a beautiful pick me up. With all the cares of life and our husband losing his job at 53 years old…..Sometimes a beautiful hand bag can just give you that extra little pick me up and smile when you can carry such a beautiful made bag.